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in the Title 
Trials can be identified by a public title which should contain plain language, by a scientific title which uses more technical language, or by an acronym.
Use this box to specify search terms found anywhere in the public title, scientific title or acronym.
Multiple terms can be combined using AND, OR, NOT.
Health condition(s) or problem(s) studied. These often refer to an illness, disorder or injury, such as: asthma, learning disorders or bone fractures, but can also include any health issue such as pregnancy, mobility, education etc.
Use this box to specify the condition(s) or problem(s) being studied.
Multiple terms can be combined using AND, OR, NOT.
The treatment(s) or action(s) being studied and compared. These often refer to medicines, procedures or devices, but can also include actions such as educational programmes.
Use this box to specify the treatment(s) or action(s) being studied and compared.
Multiple terms can be combined using AND, OR, NOT.
in the Condition 
in the Intervention
clinical trials in children
Recruitment status
Whether or not a trial is currently accepting new participants. This is known as 'recruitment' or' enrolment'.
Use this drop-down to specify only trials that currently accept new participants ('Recruiting') or to include all trials regardless of recruitment status ('ALL')
Primary Sponsor
The individual, organization or company responsible for initiating, managing and/or financing a trial. The primary sponsor may or may not be the main funder.
Use this box to specify the trial's primary sponsor. Use full names (eg Medical Research Council), partial names (eg Medical Research) or common abbreviations (eg MRC).
Secondary ID
Trial identifying numbers issued by other agencies, such as protocol numbers, funding agency numbers and identifiers issued by other trial registries.
Use this box to specify a secondary identifier or part of a secondary identifier.
Countries of recruitment
Countries and/or territories from which participants will be, are intended to be, or have been recruited.
Use the list to specify the countries of recruitment. Select a name and then click the 'Add country and/or territory' button. As many countries as needed can be specified.
Clicking this checkbox will search for clinical trials related to children only
Recruitment status is
Primary sponsor is or contains
Secondary ID is or contains
Countries of recruitment are  
Free Text Country :
Date of registration is between and 
Date of registration
The date when a trial was officially registered and trial details published in the register.
Use the two boxes to specify a time period for the date of registration.
Phases are
Hold down control key to select multiple phases.

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